Join us at the Island Lake Day Spa for Skin Care and Body Treatments

Scrub N’ Glow: Our organic salt, sugar and coconut oil scrub is the perfect way to brighten up and refresh dull skin, your whole body over. Application of the scrub stimulates blood vessels within the skin layers, promoting healthy circulation and nutrient supply to your skin. To complete your treatment, you will receive a full-body application of our deeply moisturising and nutrient-rich body butter from SOCO Soaps.

60 minutes: $135

Scrub N’ Detox: A treat for your hands and your feet, that your mind and body will thank you for. After soothing your feet with an Epsom salts foot-bath you will receive a hand and foot scrub. Next a warm, detoxifying clay mask for both hands and feet will have you wrapped in comfort. To finalise your treatment you will receive massage of your hands and feet, extending up your arms and legs, with focus on acupressure points for stress relief, relaxation and whole-body detoxification.

60 minutes: $125

The Harmony Facial: A relaxing and rejuvenating treatment for your face, head, neck and shoulders. Using wholesome products from local companies SOCO Soaps and Healing Hollow, this treatment comes with careful cleansing and exfoliation, facial masque, toning and deep moisturising with facial massage. Together with aromatherapy, hand, shoulder and scalp massage this is truly a treatment for your skin and your soul.

60 minutes: $115

Add on 30 minutes of Massage: Extend the length and depth of any Skin Care and Body treatment. $55