Posted September 12, 2017 - 8:34 am

Trail report September 12th 2017

The fire hazard is rated Extreme.

No smoking or open flames anywhere on the property.

In case of a fire emergency you will hear 3 short horn blasts. Please return to the Lodge if you should hear these blasts.
The following trail closures and restrictions are in place until further notice:

- Lazy Lizard trail closed
- Rail trail closed
- Old Growth trail closed
- Lizard Lake trail closed
- Cabin Ridge trail closed

* No Biking on Island Lake Property"

The following hiking trails are open. Additional trail closures and restrictions could be implemented at any time so all hikers are required to check in with the Tamarack Lodge Front Desk before accessing the trails in order to get up to date information.

- Lake Trail
- Fir Trail
- Spineback
- Baldy Loop
- Tamarack Trail to the Junction with Heiko’s

Island Lake Lodge will update restrictions and closures at:
For up to date air quality information:

Photo ; Hiking up to the new trail. Almost above the smoke.

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