Posted August 14, 2017 - 4:35 pm

All trails are open

The fire hazard is rated Extreme. Please dispose of cigarettes butts properly and avoiding placing hot bike brakes on the ground. In case of a fire emergency you will hear 3 short horn blasts. Please return to the Lodge if you should hear these blasts.

Lake trail: Enjoy this classic loop around the namesake of Island lake Lodge.

Rail trail: The bridges are all back in action and the trail has some decent shade to hide from the sun.

Lazy Lizard: It is muddy in places but still in good shape.

Old Growth: The trail is in excellent shape. A perfect hike in the ancient old growth cedars and its canopy offer lots of shade on a warm day.

Fir trail: Another fun trail mostly in the shade for the family on warm days. You will see beautiful Douglas fir and large cedar trees.

Spineback: It is berry season. The huckleberries, thimble berries and raspberries are out in full force.

Tamarack: This trail offers the quickest access to a treeline viewpoint halfway up or you can continue on hiking to the top for more views.

Baldy: We recommend you hike this loop by going up the North Baldy side first. From the North Baldy top you can enjoy the beautiful 360 degree view of the South Rockies.

New trail: In the summer of 2016 Island Lake Lodge’s trail crew started to build a new trail in the alpine that will get you around Baby Bear rock. Hike Spineback trail and a few meters before the second bench you will see the start of the new trail. Follow the orange dots all the way up to the saddle behind Baby Bear. From there you can come down the same way you came up as the trail is not finished yet. The views are unique up there.

Heiko's: The trail is in good shape. There likely isn’t any water available on the trail past the small tarn below Three Sisters Pass until you reach the creek off the Tamarack 13km later.

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