Posted December 28, 2016 - 1:55 pm

Cross Country Grooming Report

Report Conditions

We got quite the treat in Fernie this past weekend as the Fernie Factor took over and brought over 70cms of snow, making the conditions for cross country skiing excellent.

The Lake and Meadow Trail are both open and freshly groomed as of December 28th. The Access Road is being groomed daily with Cedar Valley to the South side currently open. We’re working on opening the North side however hazards do exist, including creeks.

If you’ve never visited the Lodge in the winter before, consider joining us for lunch or a spa treatment…our restaurant and spa are open Thursday-Sunday every week until the end of March. If you’re thinking of skiing or snowshoeing up for a visit, be sure to call ahead to reserve a space in the dining room, as some dates are already full. Cat shuttles to and from the Lodge are also available; you can book ahead of time through our Reservations and Guest Services Team @ 250-423-3700.

If you’re planning on enjoying the beautiful scenery along our access road, please remember that first and foremost, it is our route for transportation of all staff and guests to and from the lodge. You should expect to encounter both snowmobile and snow-cat traffic while on the road; please yield to all oncoming traffic and stay to the side of the road wherever possible. We will keep you posted as and when we are able to open the trails that skirt that road, as well as the trails up and around the Lodge itself. We’d also like to kindly ask that you keep dogs leashed and clean up after them when making use of our property.

Above all else, enjoy the fresh snow and beautiful surroundings! We look forward to seeing you at Island Lake this winter!

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