Sub Alpine Pizza 

all day tomato sauce, prosciutto, smoked mozzarella and arugula pesto or caramelized fennel, 6 onion cream, provolone and parmesan $17         

Grilled Salmon Tacos  

blackened kuterra salmon, citrus slaw, coriander, pico de gallo, corn tortillas, avocado, chipotle cream $15

Summer Salad                                                                                                          

heart of palm, avocado, marinated artichoke, tomato, cucumber, sweet basil vinaigrette, organic lettuces $14

Grilled Caesar Salad                                                                                                      

baby romaine, parmiggiano regiano, grilled lemon, olive oil croutons, anchovy vinaigrette, crisp proscuitto $14

Seared Albacore Tuna                                                                                             

soba noodles, pickled carrot & cucumber, ginger scallion relish, kimchi puree, fresh coriander $17


fried bocconcini & salsa verde, grilled merguez sausage & pickled zucchini, truffled egg & anchovy, roasted olives, artichoke & romesco $21

The ‘Bolter’ Burger                                                                                                       

local beef patty, roasted pork belly, cheddar, aioli, lodge ketchup, lettuce, pickled onion, tomato, baby potatoes and organic greens $18

Daily Soup & Sandwich                                                                                                    $14

Smoked Beet Reuben                                                                                                     

smoked garnet beets, grilled portabella, emmanthal swiss,sauerkraut, island dressing, baby potatoes and organic greens $15

Prawn Ceviche

fresh citrus, onion, jalapeno, charred corn, coriander, corn chips  $14

Lamb Meatballs

harissa spiced tomato sauce, grandma’s cucumber salad, frissee $17


gluten.lactose.allergen free. by request

From Our Customers

Deepest Powder

I've been skiing for more than 40 years and the deepest powder I have ever skied was at Island Lake Catskiing.

Wayne Wong...World Freestyle Skiing Champion and Canadian Ski Hall Of Fame