Our newest trail is perhaps one of the most scenic in the region. Built by our all female trail crew, the loop is entirely in the alpine and has dramatic views.

GOLDILOCKS TRAIL Length: 2.5 km / Type: Loop / Hiking Time 1.5 hrs / Elevation Gain: 210 m / Rating: Advanced / Access: The trail starts at the top of the Spineback Trail (at the second bench) and follows the valley between Baby Bear and Papa Bear peaks. It wraps around the back of Baby Bear to the Upper Nonstop saddle with dramatic views of the headwall and The Valley. The trail continues around the east side of Baby Bear and follows a series of switchbacks down the valley between Baby Bear and Mama Bear peaks. It then completes the loop back at the top of the Spineback Trail. Photo Spots: #islandlakelodge13 #islandlakelodge18When Combined with the Spineback Trail – Length: 6 kms or 9.5 km return / Elevation Gain: 740 metres / Rating: Advanced  Photo Spots: #islandlakelodge13  #islandlakelodge19

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