Winter of our Content

We have released our new ski and snowboard show – Winter of our Content. About 3 years ago we started discussing the next film project that we wanted to undertake. After the success of our first few shows, we knew that we had to up the anti a bit.  The path we decided on revolved around getting back to the roots of Island Lake and classic ski films, mainly – awesome shredding! Being made for broadcast TV, we also needed to create something with a bit of a storyline to it.  Hence the show opens with the story of the weather and how it gets to us, then there is a segment on the sensation of powder skiing, then into pushing your limits and inspiration.  Watch some of the top skiers, snowboarders and wing-suit athletes in the world explore the Lizard Range of the Rocky Mountains.  Athletes include: Nick McNutt, Lucas Debari, Rob Heule, Dash Longe, Tim Durtschi, Dane Tudor, Ben Ogilvie and Trace Cooke. The Kavu Team and Gopro Bomb Squad including: Marshall Miller, Jesse Hall, Neil Amonson, Jeff Shapiro, Hartman Rector. The script was written by Leslie Anthony and narrated by Chuck Ragan.  The show was created and directed by Mike McPhee.


Here are a few photos from the production.

catski, catskiing, fernie, bc

Catskiing at Island Lake Lodge

dash longe, tgr, ski movie, catski, filming, fernie, bc, skibc

Dash Longe hitting the spring jump

ski movie, catskiing, fernie, powder highway, powder, skiing

Morning View

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