Wagyu Beef is Back!!

Wagyu is back as a dinner feature at Island Lake Lodge. A cattle breed native to Japan in which ‘wa’ means Japanese and ‘gyu’ means cow, it is widely known to yield the best beef in the world. The reason for Wagyu’s popularity is its high level of marbling which accounts for its rich trait flavour and tender texture.

Island Lake’s featured Wagyu is of the Tajima bloodline which has been revered for the most refined marbling of the three bloodlines resulting in the finest flavour of all Wagyu beef. You may have heard of Kobe beef, a type of Wagyu, believed by some to be ‘la crème de la crème’. Kobe is to Wagyu what Champagne is to sparkling wine; it is a strain of Wagyu which may only be called Kobe if it has been raised in the Hyōgo Prefecture of Japan, where Kobe is the capital city. All Kobe beef is of the Tajima bloodline.

As the Wagyu that Island Lake is featuring is also of the Tajima bloodline, it is therefore of the same superior standard although it comes from Australia. Beginning in the 1990s, the Wagyu herd in Australia has grown to be the largest outside of Japan.

In addition to its superior flavour, Wagyu is actually a healthier option. Though it features high levels of marbling, the healthy unsaturated fat in Wagyu outweighs the saturated fat. The ratio of good fat to bad in Wagyu is better than any other beef. Furthermore, the saturated fat is actually comprised mostly of stearic acid which has minimal effect on cholesterol, making Wagyu as a whole a good choice for people looking to eat healthily without compromising flavour.

An example of an Island Lake Lodge Wagyu dish complete with accompaniments is as follows. It is subject to change based on the fresh ingredients available and the individual creativity of the chefs working.

Wagyu beef strip loin, truffle pomme frites, cherry-sherry jus & Stilton

Wagyu will not be featured consecutively every night but will be offered periodically as a feature on certain evenings for the next few weeks. Please call ahead to see when it will be on the menu and to make dinner reservations.


Wagyu Feature[1]
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