The Foraging Culinary Crew

The culinary program at Island Lake Lodge is driven by the creative chefs who strive to provide a dining experience that is authentically local, delicious and sustainable. Every Sunday, Executive Chef Keith Farkas can be seen at the Fernie Mountain Market purchasing organic produce for the lodge from farms in the Elk Valley community. For years, Island Lake Lodge has been growing their own herbs that are used as garnishes in dishes and cocktails.

New this summer, the chefs have begun taking advantage of the multitude of edible plants on the 7,000 acres of private property owned by the lodge. About once a week, they will forage such plants as Stinging Nettle, for use in the Market Salad and braised greens, and Juniper branches, used as an accompaniment with the Venison Tartare. The culinary team is excited about the new endeavor of foraging and is constantly looking to expand their knowledge on how to bring the tastiest features of the forest onto your plate.

With origins ranging from several Canadian provinces and as far as Australia, the creation of the dishes on Island Lake Lodge’s menus have been shaped by a multitude of techniques, unique ideas, and tried-and-true ingredients. The food is classified as Western Canadian with a French inspiration and features items such as Bison Shortribs, Coriander Crusted Pickerel (Walleye) and Citrus Chili Crudo.

With a focus on sustainability, Island Lake makes every effort to stock their kitchen with locally-sourced ingredients in support of fellow community organizations. As a partner of Oceanwise, a program run by the Vancouver Aquarium, Island Lake ensures that most of the seafood served at the lodge has been acquired with minimal impact on species’ environments and the perils of bycatching.

The culinary team at Island Lake Lodge is excited to show you the new items on this summer’s menu. With ethics, creativity and enthusiasm, the chefs have created a unique dining experience that they are proud of.

Watch this cooking webisode on Coriander Crusted Pickerel (Walleye)

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Summer 2015 Dinner Menu 

Summer 2015 Lunch Menu

Here are some images of some of our new menu items:

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IL Food_Sum_2015-41 IL Food_Sum_2015-204 IL Food_Sum_2015-151


ILL<Summ 2015 Lunch-34 IL Food_Sum_2015-104
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