Ocean Wise Certified Seafood

Did you know Island Lake Lodge is a partner of Ocean Wise, a program that helps food-related businesses acquire seafood sustainably? Managed by the Vancouver Aquarium, Ocean Wise provides approximately 600 restaurants, markets and food suppliers across Canada with the most current research on how to purchase seafood without adding to the perils of overfishing, habitat destruction and bycatch.  When you see the Ocean Wise symbol next to a menu item at Island Lake Lodge, you can be assured the fish or shellfish species meets the following four criteria: it is plentiful, it is caught with minimal endangered species bycatch and damage to ocean habitats, and the fishing process is carefully managed based on the most up to date scientific research. The only thing better than enjoying succulent coriander crusted sablefish is knowing that Island Lake’s move toward sustainable seafood is helping similar dishes to be able to be enjoyed for years to come. For more information on the Ocean Wise program, visit http://www.oceanwise.ca/




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