Summer Glading Report

Our glading team had a very busy summer of enhancing habitat of the powder rider.  Corrie ‘The Captain” Wright and “Big” Steve kloepzig are long term Island Lake ski guides and also professional habitat enhancers.   They go in every summer and selectivly thin trees and brush, thus making it safer and easier to ski and board down tree runs.  This summer they improved about 100 acres of catski terrain.  Here is a summary of the areas they worked in:

Sorefoot, Mt Baldy
Targeting mostly large shrubs and bush in main path and trees in entrance lanes. Early season access.
350m vertical, aprox. 6 hectares improved.
Siko Bowl, Mt Baldy
Targeting tree thickets in close out zones and exit via traverse.
Aprox. 5 hectares improved.
Shoulder between Face shot Bowl and Wolverine Bowl
Linking and expanding natural existing glades.
Aprox 5 hectares improved.
Geisha Bowl, Noesy Roll, Fair Brother, Kingsway, Holy land.
Opened entrances and thicket areas on steeps.
Aprox. 4 hectares improved.
Opened early season lanes in left hand lines.
Aprox.3 hectares improved
Lower Nonstop
Opened thickets and entrances.
Aprox. 2 hectares improved.
Monashee Trees
Opened close out zones.
Aprox. 4 hectares improved.
Gun barrel
Opened Flanks and close out zones.
Aprox. 2 hectares improved.
Opened close out zones.
Aprox. 2 hectares improved.
King Fir
Opened large section of run for early season access. Cleared and linked glades.
Aprox. 6 hectares improved
Shred Daddy
Opened Filming lanes.
Aprox 1 hectare improved.
Gun barrel Rd
Cut by pass at rocky outcrop below Hunters left.
Fall 2014-27

Big Steve getting ready to cut!

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