Island lake Lodge provides a professional photographer on 1 day of each tour.  A slide show is shown at the end of the day during après ski in The Bear Lodge and guests are able to purchase these quality images.  Our photographer are some of the best around and have all had photos published in a variety of magazines and publications.  Video is available upon request and must be booked in advance.  Our amazing professional photographers include: Matt Kuhn, Nick Nault, Kyle Hamilton & Mark Gallup.

 Photo Pricing

$149 per person – This gets you all the photos from the day, which will be sent electronically via a file transfer system.

8×10 Print = $ 40

Print and Frame = $85

Photo USB stick = $10

Video Pricing

Professional Videographer for the day = 5 minute video, edited with Music – $2,000 – (Note: Video editing will take a couple days and the final version will be sent to you via a file transfer system or USB stick)

All orders will be added to your tab and payable upon checkout.  If you want to pre pay for yourself or your group and not worry about it, we are more then happy to take care of that.

  • Each digital image is a full resolution jpeg ready to print at any size
  • Orders will be charged to your tab
  • Taxes are not included in the price of the images and prints
  • Large prints will be mailed out to your address
  • USB sticks and 8×10 prints will be available to pick up at checkout


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From Our Customers

I have gone to many cat/heli operations in the past but this is the top notch!

This is my return trip to Island Lake and this time 8 from Japan have joined me. Seclusion, access to variety ski terrains, snowfall, food and the entire experiences are very well balanced, and supported by professionals.

Ike Miyan - Tokyo, Japan