Summer 2013 Lunch Menu

Lunch is served on the Spectacular Bear Lodge Patio 11 - 5

Trio of Dips                                                                                                $9

smoky eggplant caviar, roast tomato & almond romesco and red

pepper & lentil tapenade, garlic and olive oil grilled pita


Grilled Prawn Tacos                                                                                 $14

sesame and honey glaze, korean bbq sauce, pickled cucumbers,

shredded red cabbage slaw, grilled corn tortillas


Caprese Salad                                                                                              $12

organic tomatoes, lodge made mozzarella, extra virgin olive oil,

vincotto, fresh basil, sea salt crystals


Tuna Sliders                                                                                                   $14

half seared albacore tuna, carrot and daikon slaw, ginger lime aioli


Lettuce Wrap Platter                                                                                     $17

bbq pork, chicken or tofu, fresh vegetables, mango, sweet and

sour dipping sauce, butterleaf lettuce


Lodge Platter                                                                                                   $19

cured meats, cheese, pickled vegetable skewer, slow roasted tomatoes,

tomato caper jam, roasted garlic and crustinis


Lodge Burger                                                                                                  $16

local beef + pulled pork patty, iceberg lettuce, red onion pickle,

aged cheddar, tomato, lodge ketchup, baby potatoes and organic greens


Smoked Cod Pasta                                                                                         $15

lemon + bay leaf cream, lodge smoked cod, wild mushrooms,

fresh tomatoes, prosciutto, pappardelle noodles


Daily Soup & Sandwich                                                                              $13


Grilled Tempeh Burger                                                                               $14

roasted garlic marinated tempeh, roasted beets, creamy cucumber,

swiss, iceberg lettuce, baby potatoes and organic greens


Grilled Beef Striploin Sandwich                                                             $17

aaa alberta beef, charred onion and red grape relish, fresh basil,

grilled ciabatta, baby potatoes and organic greens


gluten.lactose.allergen free. by request

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