Summer 2014 Lunch Menu

Lunch is served on the Bear Lodge Patio 11 - 5

Cauliflower Flat Bread   $14

Aged cheddar and cauliflower crust, wild arugula, truffled cream, cold smoked salmon


Grilled Prawn Tacos    $14

Sesame honey glaze, Korean bbq sauce, red cabbage, cilantro,corn tortillas, spiced edamame & cucumber salad


Caprese Salad    $13

Organic tomatoes, buffalo mozzarella, extra virgin olive oil,vincotto, fresh basil, sea salt crystals


Seared Tuna Salad   $16

Herb crusted albacore tuna, tomato, bell peppers, cucumbers, roasted olives, goat feta, red wine vinaigrette


Lettuce Wrap Platter    $17

BBQ chicken, fresh carrot and daikon, mango, sweet and sour sauce, butterleaf lettuce


Lodge Platter     $24

Muskox mipkuzola, black cod escabeche, artisan cheeses, vegetable pickle, antipasto, confit garlic and crustinis


Lodge Burger      $17

Local beef patty, lettuce, red onion pickle, aged cheddar, tomato, pancetta, lodge ketchup, baby potatoes and greens


Chorizo and Octopus Pasta    $16

Elk chorizo, braised octopus, lemon + fresh parsley, wild mushrooms, tomatoes, cipoline, pappardelle noodles


Daily Soup & Sandwich     $13


Grilled Tempeh Melt     $14

Dijon marinated tempeh, pickled beets, emmanthal swiss, sauerkraut, baby potatoes and organic greens


Grilled Beef Striploin Sandwich     $19

AAA alberta beef, onion chipotle relish, arugula,  grilled ciabatta, baby potatoes and organic greens


gluten.lactose.allergen free. by request